Good Morning Guys! 7 hours past New Year Already and time to reveal my New Year’s Surprise!

Before January 1, I was working on a game just for 6 hours to give you a New Year Surprise to everyone.

Have you ever wanted to play as Rainbow Dash? How about Rainbow Dash in a Sonic game? Back in the Genesis days? Look no further! I have made you guys a simple demo. Just one act of how would you play as Rainbow Dash in Sonic 2!

Read More for the Download!

This game is made under 6 hours and is experimental. Meaning it may or may not be continued. I will not entertain bugs as I do not have plans to fix them at the moment.

I made this game to see how the heck would Rainbow Dash fit in a Sonic game. Apparently, she fits very well… but not as I expected it to. She needs to have her own engine. Using a Sonic 3 engine was not the best but at least I can prove that about Rainbow Dash fitting in a Sonic game.

I may as well try 3d next time.

The game is basically as what the title says. RBDinSK2 – Emerald Hill Act 1.
I was going to add the NO WAY screen at the end but I didn’t have the motivation to do so.

Anyways, I do NOT own any resources used for the game. But I do own the game itself so please pay respect~


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